About us

STS Domo is a service focused on those people or families who have any personal assistance or home need but want to continue living in their home, in their usual environment, with the best possible quality of life.

The STS Domo home care service is an organized and coordinated set of assistance, preventive and educational actions carried out by professionals at the user's own home, in order to provide comprehensive and personalized care.

The service offers, above all, safety to the person and support to the family. It is aimed at both people living alone, elderly people, people with illnesses or home convalescence.

In this regard, careful assessment of personal needs and coordination with the various social and health resources involved are key tools for improving care and quality of user's life, also allowings the best family counseling in health and social matters.

For disabled people we have adapted transport to be able to help in their displacements considering their needs.


Human team

At STS Domo we are a team of professionals concerned ensure the proper functioning of the service. Our staff, formed by family and social workers who perform the coordination tasks, is supported by the STS Asistencial team, which includes medical personnel, nurses, psychologists and physiotherapists.


What services
STS DOMO offers?


  • Personal hygiene
  • Shower
  • Feeding
  • Transfers and mobilizations
  • Cures and skin care
  • Personal accompaniment
  • Emotional Support


  • Shopping
  • Meal preparation
  • House cleaning
  • Personal management


  • Medical visits and daily managements
  • Personal accompaniments


  • Accompaniment with our adapted transport


  • To enhance or maintain the personal autonomy and capabilities to remain in their home as long as possible.
  • To avoid or delay internment in residential or socio-health centers.
  • To coordinate with the public services that the user already has.
  • To gear the execution of tasks and activities that the user can not perform alone, without interfering in their decision-making capacity.
  • To encourage the development of healthy habits (food, hygiene, exercise …) and achieve a better quality of life.
  • To identify needs to incorporate technical aids at home if necessary.
  • To promote the development of activities at home and in the community environment.
  • To improve personal safety.
  • To enhance social relations, stimulating communication with the outside and avoid possible problems of isolation and loneliness.
  • To encourage positive thoughts and feelings towards life.

How does it work?


  • Can you advise me on public financial aid to help me to pay for the service?
    Indeed. We will inform you of the different options and Procedures to obtain aid contemplated in the Law on Promotion of personal autonomy and care for people in situations of dependency.
  • What quality guarantee do I have with your service?
    In addition to our certified experience in the management of Healthcare Services, STS Grup is registered in the Registry of Services of the Department of Welfare and Family and has the supervision of professionals in this field.
  • Will be the same professional each time?
    Each user will be assigned the most suitable reference professional depending the service requested.
  • In case of an urgent change, what do I have to do?
    Call the phone number that will be indicated and explain us your problem and we will attend you.
  • What are emergency services?
    Those occasions in which the early assessment can not be made at the beginning of the service, that is, when the service has to start on the same day of the first contact. In any case, it will be the coordinator of STS Domo who will assess the urgency of the service and who has the ability to start it.
  • If I need services outside home, do I fit this type of service?
    Yes, we perform tasks such as going to buy, going to the doctor and also any other accompaniment activity.
  • What is the service schedule?
    Each user will receive the service when it is more suitable for your needs, a schedule agreed between the family and service coordination.
  • Who should use this service?
    A person or families who, for physical, psychological or social reasons, are in temporary or permanent difficulties in order to carry out their activities of daily living.